Hopewood Haven Ministries will be registered as a safe-home and resource for the National Human Trafficking Hotline. When calls come into the hotline, Hopewood will be on-call to provide housing and resources for survivors. For example, if a girl is rescued in South Carolina or any other part of the United States, she can still be placed at Hopewood Haven Homes, as openings allow.

In addition to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, Hopewood Haven will be part of the network of safe-homes, ministries and resources across the nation that work together to help survivors of human trafficking. This coordinated effort allows more victims to be identified and rescued as well as provides increased support and resources for survivors. Working together allows us to more quickly identify patterns in trafficking rings.

We reach approximately 492 individuals each year because of your support:

  • Hopewood Haven Home: 6 – 10
  • A Time to Heal Beyond Survival: 20
  • National Hotline/gency consults calls for referrals: 50
  • Public consults: 50
  • Street Outreach: 360
  • Aftercare: 6 – 10