After care is a critical component of Hopewood Haven Ministries. Aftercare is the support and resources that we provide to survivors outside of the context of Hopewood Haven Homes. Hope Care is the ongoing support we will provide to graduates of Hopewood Haven Homes as they transition into independent living. We will provide them with resources, ongoing mentoring, and transition assistance as needed to uplift them as they take the next steps in the healing process. Referrals and resources, as available, will also be offered to survivors who have not lived in Hopewood Homes, but who seek healing and restoration. This can also include, but is not limited to, attending A Time To Heal Beyond Survival.

We reach approximately 492 individuals each year because of your support:

  • Hopewood Haven Home: 6 – 10
  • A Time to Heal Beyond Survival: 20
  • National Hotline/gency consults calls for referrals: 50
  • Public consults: 50
  • Street Outreach: 360
  • Aftercare: 6 – 10